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Mission, Values, Vision and Draft Key Priorities


The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo is to: 

  • Conduct research that has worldwide impact and recognition; 
  • Provide learning opportunities of unmatched breadth and depth; 
  • Produce graduates that are in worldwide demand; and 
  • Increase awareness and excellence of mathematics and computing nationally and globally. 


The values that guide our decisions, strategies and actions are: 

  • Excellence 
  • Leadership and Impact
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Engagement and Integrity


The Faculty’s vision is to be: 

  • A world leader in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. 

Key Priorities 

The draft key priorities of our strategic plan were reviewed during the plan consultation phase and subsequently refined by the Mathematics Strategic Planning Committee (MSPC) to reflect feedback received. These priorities will inform the structure of the Strategic Planning Workshop in December, 2017. They may be refined again by MSPC following the workshop.

  • People
    • Supporting excellence: Providing support (services, experience, environment, etc.) for all Faculty of Mathematics communities, including undergraduate (but not necessarily limited to) students, graduate students, faculty and staff
    • Attracting excellence: Attracting and retaining high calibre faculty and staff
  • Undergraduate Studies 
    • Including (but not necessarily limited to) academic programs, co-operative education, and online education
    • Attracting and recruiting excellent undergraduate students
  • Graduate Studies
    • Including (but not necessarily limited to) all graduate programs and their intersection with the research program
    • Attracting and recruiting excellent graduate students
  • Research, Creativity, and Innovation
    • Research and creative work, support, recognition, and maximizing impact
    • Commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • Outreach
    • Activities in support of and at the intersection with recruitment
    • Initiatives in support of mathematics and computer science education and educators
    • Academic (or other) outreach into the broader community