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Students enrolled in the Faculty of Math's co-op program are required to complete four acceptable work term reports, submitting one report per term for your first four work terms. For eight-month work terms, the first report will be due in the fourth month, and the second report will be due in the eighth month.
  • Work reports are due on the last scheduled day of the work term, regardless of when your last official workday is. 
    • Reports submitted after the due date are not marked and do not receive a credit.
    • Only in exceptional circumstances may students apply for one extension. You must contact the Associate Dean Co-op before the due date with your full given name and student ID number. As well as evidence to support your request e.g., a doctor’s note or a letter from your employer. 
  • For questions about your choice of topic, please email
  • For questions about registration in a Math work report (WKRPT) course in LEARN, please email the Associate Dean Co-op.
  • For questions regarding submissions or due dates, please email
  • These guidelines apply to the reports submitted through the WKRPT 200M, 300M, and 400M courses. The requirements for the work report completed through PD11 are explained entirely through the PD11 course.

Work report guidelines & structure

Your work term report should be around 1,500 to 2,000 words, double-spaced using 12pt font and written in the third person informal, standard English. Please avoid the use of contractions and remember to spell-check and proofread your work before submission.

Remember to use headings and subheadings to structure your report and avoid the use of underlines and large blank spaces between sections. Use block format and follow the Formatting Booklet to ensure your report is formatted correctly. Remember to retain an electronic copy as the Faculty of Mathematics expects you to be able to make corrections on campus.

Students should structure their report in the following order:

    Writing Tips

    Tips for writing your report:

      Grading scheme / On-campus and employer evaluations

      ​​​​​​Your work report grade is a combination of the employer’s evaluation (15%) and the on-campus evaluation (85%). You must receive a final grade of 55% or greater on your submission to gain credit for it. 

      If you fail to achieve a 55%, you are required to attend a mandatory 30-minute tutorial session with a work report marker who will explain how to improve your submission. You will then be allowed to revise and resubmit for a second attempt to pass.

      While students' work term reports are graded out of 100%, your numerical grade will only be reported through LEARN. Grades will be reflected as either CR or NCR on Quest and your transcript. If you receive a passing grade in your report, a CR grade will be recorded on your transcript. If you do not, an NCR grade is recorded. 

      Note: Your report also receives a grade of NCR if you fail to attend the mandatory tutorial or if, after the tutorial, you do not resubmit your revised report by the deadline.

      On-campus evaluation 

      An on-campus evaluation process is completed within eight weeks of the report due date. Information and announcements will be posted on LEARN. 

      Employer evaluation 

      Before submitting your report, remember to

      • have your employer read and evaluate your report.
      • include the completed employer evaluation form as a separate document in the same LEARN dropbox as your report.

      Reports without a completed Employer Evaluation of Math Work Report (PDF) form do not get marked and do not receive credit.

      Employers grade reports for command of topic and technical content/analysis.

      Your employer's evaluation of your report is worth 15% of your final grade. The overall mark from your employer is translated in the following way:

      • 15/15 – Outstanding
      • 11.25/15 – Very Good
      • 7.5/15 – Good
      • 3.75/15 – Acceptable
      • 0 /15 – Unacceptable

      Should an employer deem your report to be unacceptable, it is not graded, and you will receive a grade of No Credit (NCR) on your academic record.