MFGSC graduate student representatives

MFGSC graduate student representatives

The Faculty of Mathematics has two graduate student representatives on the Mathematics Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (MFGSC), the advisory body regarding math graduate studies. The MFGSC is responsible for the academic quality, the development, and the operation of graduate studies in the Faculty. It also oversees the promotion of research within the Faculty.  MFGSC generally meets 3-4 times per year and considers all new graduate courses/programs and proposed changes to existing courses/programs, determines who shall receive ADDS (Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor) status within the Faculty, etc.

The MFGSC Graduate Representatives will communicate on a regular basis with the MGSA and provide valuable student input into the graduate operations. It is also an opportunity to learn more about how the University of Waterloo functions. Typically, the two positions are staggered and are 2-years in duration.

In the first year, the MFGSC Graduate Representative will attend and give input at the MFGSC meetings, and vote on items such as: changes to programs and courses; new programs and courses; applications by faculty members to receive the approved doctoral dissertation supervisor status, etc.

In the second year, the MFGSC Graduate Representative will continue to attend and participate at the MFGSC meeting (as above).  However, they will also serve as graduate student representative on the Admin. Committee and the Faculty Council. 

A call for nominations will be sent out before the term ends for the MFGSC Graduate Representative.  If there should be more then one nomination, then there will be a Faculty wide election and the MFGSC Graduate Representative will be elected. 

If you are a student and you have any comments and/or concerns regarding the graduate operation within the Faculty of Mathematics, then please contact your MFGSC Graduate Representatives.