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New Graduate Student Information

Welcome to the University of Waterloo. We're excited to have you on board.  This page contains important information you need to know as a graduate student and/or teaching assistant. Please look over this information prior to your arrival in Waterloo.

Orientation Schedule - Thursday, September 5, 2019; M3 1006




Registration in M3 Atrium

Dinner will be available


Welcome and Introduction to the Faculty of Mathematics

Adam Kolkiewicz, Associate Dean, Mathematics Graduate Studies

Kevin Hare, Vice Dean, Faculty of Mathematics

Benoit Charbonneau (presented by Adam Kolkiewicz), Associate Dean, Math Undergraduate Studies

Steve Vavasis, Associate Dean, Computing, MFCF (for non-CS students)

Melissa Potwarka, Counsellor, Faculty of Mathematics


Student Associations and Services

Phil Miletic, Centre for Career Action

Caelan Wang, TA Workshop Facilitator, Centre for Teaching Excellence

Naima Samuel, Vice-President, Graduate Student Association

Mary Janet McPherson, English Language Teaching Associate, Writing Centre

Akshita Khurana, Student Success Office

Jennifer Gillies, Accessibility Services Office

Rebecca Hutchinson, Math Librarian


Academic Integrity

Erin Nearing


Math Graduate Student Association

Abdullah Ali Sivas, Chair, Math Graduate Student Association


Safety Training

Adam Kolkiewicz


End of Evening

Department/School-Specific Training


Start Time and Room

Applied Math

Tuesday, September 3rd - 1:30-3pm in MC 6460

Combinatorics and Optimization

TBA - Melissa Cambridge will let Grad Students know.

Computational Math

Tuesday, September 3rd - 1:30-3pm in MC 6460

Computer Science

Tuesday, September 3rd - 9:30am in DC 1302

Pure Math

Tuesday, September 3rd - 9:30am in MC 5479

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Tuesday, September 3rd - 1:30pm in MC 4020

Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, September 3rd - 9:30am in M3 3127

2019 Math Faculty Grad Orientation Slides

GeoMax Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the GeoMax game that occurred during the Math Grad Orientation.  

The team in first place received deluxe movie passes and the team in second place received a University of Waterloo bound notepad and a pink math pen!

Year Distance (km)
First place Second Place
2017 38,384 35,541
2018 38,328 38,032

More information is available from your Dept/School or the Mathematics Graduate Office


TA Training Workshop Slides - 

TA Training Logistics

TA Training Tutorial & Crowdmark

TA Training Giving Feedback