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Enrolment information for 1B term

You will select your courses in Quest during course selection week (September 26 to October 8, 2019)

All students (except for double degree students*, Computing and Financial Management (CFM)** and Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) students***) will need to select all five of your courses for your 1B term during course selection week using Quest.

* Double degree students will not see their Business (BUS) courses listed on their course selection page in Quest, as these courses will be added later.
** CFM students do not need to do course selection as the CFM program manager will enrol these students into their courses for Winter 2020.
*** CPA students only need to include their MATH, CS and AFM courses during course selection. SPCOM 111 will be added for you.

Your course selection should include:

Your 1A course enrolment Your 1B course selection

MATH 135

MATH 136
MATH 145 MATH 146 (or MATH 136)
MATH 137

MATH 138

MATH 137 (Physics-based section LEC 005) MATH 138 - choose the Physics-based section- indicated in the course selection notes on the course selection offerings list
MATH 147 MATH 148 (or MATH 138)
CS 115 CS 116
CS 135 CS 136 (or CS 116)
CS 145 CS 146 (or CS 136)
One communication course

One communication course. If you are unsure about your communication course, check with your academic advisor.

One non-math elective One non-math elective of your choice or one elective as specified by your planned major. If you are unsure about your elective courses, check with your academic advisor.

Be sure to check prerequisites for courses to ensure that you are aware of the requirements to take the next course. Sometimes things go wrong; read below to find out how your grades in 1A can impact your course choices in 1B

For more information, please contact the Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO), in Mathematics & Computing Building (MC) room 4022 or at 519-888-4567, ext. 33905.