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The University of Waterloo is constantly updating our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Important facts

As you adjust to your new surroundings and settle in, you may find that things are very different from your previous home and institutions. It is not uncommon for students to encounter academic difficulties when making the transition from high school to university.

By mid-to-late October (fall term) all students should perform a reality check, especially after receiving their tests and/or midterm exams back.

Ask yourself

  • Am I going to get at least 70% in each of my English Language courses?
  • Am I going to get at least 60% in my UWaterloo mathematics (MATH) course? (Although 50% is a pass in your UWaterloo mathematics course, marks less than 60% often mean trouble in later courses)

Talk to your Conestoga College teacher(s), your University of Waterloo professor/instructor, or an academic advisor.

Plan your time effectively

Attend classes regularly. Complete all tests and assignments. Don’t get behind in your work!

Mathematics/English Language for Academic Studies (Math/ELAS) students are expected to continue full-time studies in the term immediately following successful completion of the Math/ELAS program. This is so that you have a much better chance of retaining your newly acquired English language skills and is meant to help you succeed in your full-time math studies.

In order to successfully complete the Math/ELAS program, you must attain a final grade of at least 70% in each of your English language courses and a final grade of at least 60 in your UWaterloo mathematics course. Upon successful completion of Math/ELAS you will qualify to continue as a full-time regular Faculty of Mathematics student at the University of Waterloo. Mathematics course(s) taken during Math/ELAS will count toward your BMath or BCS degree.

Useful advice to remember

  • Don’t come to university with high school expectations! Judge your performance on tests, exams, etc., according to the class average.
  • Always bring your student ID with you during midterm and final exams.
  • Before booking any travel plans for Christmas/summer break, wait for the final exam schedule to be posted. The schedule is usually posted in late October – early November (fall), or late February – early March (winter).
  • All undergraduate mathematics students have computer accounts provided by the Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) and the Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF). Use your quest password to log in. Please see the Help Centre in MC 3017 for any problems with your account.
  • The University uses your email address as an official means of communication, therefore, you must keep your email address up-to-date. Be sure to regularly check your email account.
  • Quest is UWaterloo’s student information system. You can check your student record, enrolment, financial, and administrative information and also make your own address changes through Quest. Visit Quest for step-by-step instructions and assistance.