Scholarships for Math/ELAS

Each term the Faculty of Mathematics and School of Computer Science awards a $1,000 scholarship to the outstanding students that are enrolled in Level IV (four) of our Mathematics/English Language for Academic Studies (Math/ELAS) program.

Awards are based on their current academic achievements, grades in their UWaterloo mathematics (MATH 137) course and their English language courses - which are taught at the Conestoga College's Waterloo campus.

Math/ELAS Scholarship

  • No application is required for this award.
  • During the fall term, we will offer a $1,000 scholarship to (up to five) outstanding Level IV Math/ELAS students.
  • In the winter term, to (up to three) outstanding Level IV students.

When all the grades have been finalized and are official for the fall or winter terms, we will notify these students that have qualified for a scholarship. Students will be notified by the start of the next term.

NOTE: Students with transfer credit for Math 137, or previous post-secondary level are not eligible.