Join the Math Faculty Ambassador team

Are you a proud Waterloo student?

Are you enjoying your student experiences in the Faculty of Mathematics?

Do you want to share that experience with potential new students and their families?

If you answered yes, we need you. We have closed the application form for this year. If you are really interested, there may still be a spot, so please email Kate Schellenberg (

Math Ambassadors preparing for our Fall Open House event.

About the program

This is a volunteer program that will put your pride, experience, and knowledge to work; increase your knowledge of campus and the Faculty of Mathematics; and help to develop your leadership skills. You'll have the opportunity to share your valuable insight and experience with high school students and their parents in one of four available ambassador roles:

  • New Math Ambassador
  • Returning Math Ambassador
  • Senior Math Ambassador
  • Executive Team Member

The Shadow program is temporarily on hold.

Role Descriptions

Note: If you have volunteered at open house events in the past and want to help again, please apply through the Math Faculty Ambassador program.

Note: Positions are held for one term at a time, so you'll need to apply at the beginning of each term that you wish to participate in the program.

Why become a Math Faculty Ambassador?

  • Connect with other students in the faculty.
  • Enhance your résumé with volunteer experience.
  • Gain valuable references.
  • Meet high school students who want to be where you are doing what you're doing.
  • Get to know more about the Faculty of Mathematics, and meet professors and staff.
  • Share your passion for math.
  • And much more!