Plan combinations within Mathematics

Joint Mathematics plans for students registered in the Faculty of Mathematics

Both specialization areas designated in such joint plans must be disciplines within the Faculty of Mathematics. In conjunction with the common degree requirements in Table I - Degree Requirements, joint plans require a total of 40 courses (20 units): the 10 mathematics courses in the Faculty core (outlined in Table II - Faculty Core Courses) plus the joint requirements of the two departments/school for a minimum of 26 mathematics courses, and at least 10 non-math courses (five units).

  • Joint Actuarial Science
  • Joint Applied Mathematics
  • Joint Combinatorics & Optimization
  • Joint Computer Science – Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) or Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath)
  • Joint Pure Mathematics
  • Joint Statistics

Minors available for students registered in the Faculty of Mathematics

  • Actuarial Science Minor
  • Applied Mathematics Minor
  • Combinatorics & Optimization Minor
  • Computational Mathematics Minor
  • Computer Science Minor
  • Pure Mathematics Minor
  • Statistics Minor

Combining a joint or minor offered outside the Faculty of Mathematics

Refer to the section in the Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar for the Faculty offering the joint or minor to determine if the combination is possible.