You should following the following steps to select courses for a future term:

  1. Determine which courses you want to add. You should familiarize yourself with your plan and course requirements listed in the  undergraduate calendar. If you are uncertain, consult your academic advisor. If you are a 1A student, you should review the information on course selection for your 1B term.
  2. Check the course selection offerings list to ensure the courses you want to take are offered in the upcoming term. There will not be any times associated with the courses you are selecting. If you are wanting to plan ahead you will need to contact the department/school to find out if specific courses will be offered in future terms. Some departments/schools have course offerings lists on their departmental/school web pages.
  3. If you do not have the necessary requisites (i.e. you have Mathematics (MATH) 117 instead of MATH 137), you need a Course Selection Override Form. Please talk to the appropriate advisor/department for these overrides.
  4. If you do not need an override then go to Quest and proceed with your course selection. If you do not know how to course select, the following page will help in selecting a course for any future term.