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About the program

An opportunity for upper-year undergraduates and graduate students in Computer Science to take the initiative and develop critical entrepreneurial skills by solving a real-world problem they are passionate about. 

Students will experience — in a very hands-on way — the process of taking an idea, critically assessing its feasibility, testing assumptions with potential users, building a proof-of-concept (POC), and ultimately pitching it to a general audience. Although not a mandatory requirement of the CS e-Capstone, some teams may choose to develop their POC into a fully functional and market-relevant product or service via a start-up venture.

Setting you up for success

Times have changed. It used to be that if you worked diligently and completed your tasks on time, with minimal supervision, you’d be considered a high performer. While that’s still true, today’s employers are increasingly seeking self-starters — people willing to take risks and come up with creative solutions. 

Having an entrepreneurial mindset and drive will become the norm instead of a novelty. This is true not only in high-tech companies but across the workforce. Entrepreneurism will be expected and encouraged in the incoming workforce. The Cheriton School of Computer Science seeks to set its students up for success in anything they choose to do post-graduation. 

Why get involved

  • Become a more entrepreneurial computer scientist
  • Get advice from and exchange ideas with industry professionals and entrepreneurs 
  • Expand your network by getting to know peers from across the Cheriton School of Computer Science
  • Learn about software management and project management as you develop and launch your own product
  • Develop strong communication skills by learning how to pitch a technical idea to a broad audience
  • Discover the process of transforming a technical concept into a relevant product or service within an existing organization or by launching a company of your own
  • Potentially enjoy a career transformation by accelerating and validating a start-up idea
  • Win funding to support your initiative 
  • Receive a CS e-Capstone certificate of completion

Looking for more information?

Check out the e-Capstone page on the Cheriton School of Computer Science website.