Strategic communications

The Faculty of Mathematics strategic communications team is here to help you promote the world-class activities of the faculty.

Who do I contact when?

Self serve

We have templates available for you to download, so you can create your own:

Faculty of Mathematics Strategic Communications team

  • We have a long list of communication projects that we can help with you with (see the Project timelines). For some of the projects we may need outside help from Creative Services or freelancers.
  • Use the Project request form to get in touch with us as soon as you know about your project and we can help you work out all the details. If you would like to have a press release written about your research, fill out the media release request form.

Creative Services

For large design projects, contact Creative Services. Note that when you put in the requisition, you will need all the content and it will take four to six weeks. We can help with branding questions and writing for these projects. You will note that some of the projects below in the Project timelines list will require our team and Creative Services to work together.  

Cheriton School of Computer Science - Joe Petrik

If you are part of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, and you require event advertisements (that are CS-specific), content for display screens, new websites and web updates, graphic design for smaller projects, photography (events, portraits, and for web) or would like a website feature story about your research and/or accomplishments, contact Joe (

Statistics and Actuarial Science - Greg Preston

If you are part of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, and you require website updates or you would like a website news story about your research and/or accomplishments, contact Greg (

The Faculty Communications team can help with any other tasks not listed with Joe and Greg, and we support the other units. Please fill out the Project Request Form to help us get started. 

Project timelines

For general project timelines we have developed a list of the projects we can handle in-house (though an * indicates that outside resources are required and could add to the time).

These timelines assume that all content has been submitted, and that feedback and approvals are provided on schedule. Delays may impact the final delivery timeline.

Note: The indicated lead times may vary depending on workload and other priorities. Requests may be prioritized out of sequence.

Project type Description Time
Advertisement Write, design and place an ad in a media source

*Creative Services to do the design

7-8 weeks
Annual report Write, design and print

*Creative Services to do the design

10-12 weeks
Brochure/Postcard Write, design and print

*If complicated, Creative Services will design

3 weeks

+4-6 weeks

Communication plan Develop a plan for communication around an initiative and execute 2-3 weeks before you want the first communication out
Digital screens Design a customized digital screen 1 week
E-Newsletter Write and design an email

Write and design using a Publications website with long-form stories

2 weeks

8 weeks

Email Write email content 2-3 days
Event promotion/ coverage Develop a plan for communication around an event and execute 2-3 weeks before you want the first communication
Flyer/Poster See the templates section.

We can help with 8.5x11 portrait or 8.5x14 portrait

*Creative services for larger and/or design-heavy posters.

2 weeks

5-7 weeks

One-pager Write and design a one-pager about a particular area/initiative 2 weeks
Photography For internal use

For marketing purposes

2 days notice

4-6 weeks notice

Presentation Write and design 2 weeks
Recruitment publication Write, design and print recruitment brochures

*Creative Services to do the design

10-12 weeks
Remarks/speaking notes Develop speaking notes up to 10 min 4-6 days
Social media plan Develop a plan for social media around an initiative and execute 2-3 weeks before you want the first communication out
Swag/products Design and order production

*Creative Services required for complicated design

3-5 weeks

5-7 weeks

Template design Design 1 week
Video Develop storyboard, scripting, filming, editing

For internal use

For marketing purposes using Creative Services outside vendor

3-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

>Website – new site Develop the content and design brand new website

*Involves WCMS team for approvals and quality assurance

4-6 weeks
Website – new content/architecture Develop new webpages and/or restructure the website 4-6 weeks
Website updates Update content and/or images 1-2 days


See the University’s Brand Guidelines.


Download the Faculty of Mathematics logos and/or unit logos

Download the colour bar to further express visual branding.


Learn how to best plan your event.  

Digital displays

Submit your request for the digital display screens. 

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