Information about your alternative offer of admission

We make alternative offers of admission to students who don't quite make our admission requirements for the program they've applied to yet meet the requirements for one or a few other programs in the Faculty of Mathematics. Perhaps competition was greater this year than last for the limited number of places we have in a particular program.

We make alternate offers of admission to the following programs:

So… it’s not what you expected 

You may be disappointed that you did not receive an offer of admission to the program you originally chose. We understand your disappointment, but we also hope you'll consider this alternative opportunity. Each year, we make these same alternative offers of admission to students who are in a similar position. The students who accept our alternative offer succeed in first year and beyond and seem happy with their decision to attend the University of Waterloo.

You’ve got the qualifications. We believe you'll succeed!

We’re making this alternative offer because we believe in your ability to succeed in the Faculty of Mathematics. That's why we hope you'll give this alternative offer of admission serious consideration.

Six reasons to give this alternative offer serious consideration

  1. You'll be able to customize your degree with a wide range of undergraduate programs and over 300 courses to choose from – and that's just from the Faculty of Mathematics.
  2. You'll be supported as an undergraduate here in the Faculty of Mathematics. There are many people, organizations, and services on hand to help ensure your success in first year and beyond:
  3. The co-op and the regular systems of study. Please be reminded of the features and strengths of co-op and regular.
  4. Upper-year opportunities await you:
  5. An active student body: there are many student clubs, Mathematics Society (MathSoc) and campus-wide government offices, varsity teams, campus recreation teams and activities, places just to be social, and events to participate in - your courses are only a part of your university education.
  6. An education in mathematics and computer science leads to the best jobs according to

Your first-year courses

In first year, you’ll take a combination of required courses and elective courses, depending on your major.

You'll find among other important information a list of degree requirements in the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar, Faculty of Mathematics section.

You’ll have more courses to choose from at Waterloo in the mathematical, statistical, and computer sciences and other areas in which to specialize your degree than at any other university in the world.

Each term, you’ll take 5 courses. Each course includes a minimum of three hours of lectures each week for a total of 15 hours. You’ll also spend approximately 6 hours each week in labs and tutorials, for a total of 21 hours of scheduled course work each week.

Here’s the basic framework of your academic schedule in first year:


  • Classical Algebra
  • Calculus 1
  • Computer Science*
  • One communication course
  • One non-math elective**


  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus 2
  • Computer Science*
  • One communication course
  • One non-math elective**

* Your first Computer Science (CS) courses in the fall and winter terms are determined by your programming background and your academic goals. You'll start with either Introduction to Computer Science 1 (CS 115) or Designing Functional Programs (CS 135). Visit Placement in your first CS Course on the Cheriton School of Computer Science website for helpful information about choosing your first CS course.

** Your non-Mathematics electives may be chosen from a wide range of disciplines outside the Faculty of Mathematics.

Here's what you need to do next

If you decide to accept our alternative offer of admission, you'll need to accept your offer, accept your offer of residence, plan your budget for university expenses, pay your tuition and other fees, etc.

All of these steps, important dates, and more are itemized on the website for admitted students.