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One term

Generally the entire experience was amazing. I had the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the world. The academic experience was also interesting, as course material and emphasis differed from that available here in Canada. I would definitely recommend an exchange to anybody.

Specific issues about Queensland: The typical University of Queensland (UQ) workload per semester is four courses. Since I had just assumed to take five courses, my workload was technically greater than the average student. Perhaps future students could benefit by knowing that a four course workload is typical. Also, UQ led students to believe that it would be easy to just show up and get a house upon arrival, and it was actually very difficult. I met many very stressed and homeless students when I first arrived who were unable to find housing. Students should arrange housing prior to arrival.

Being able to contact a previous student who had been to Australia was immensely helpful. I would recommend trying to do this whenever possible.