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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

3A Math/FARM



  • Fashion for Change
  • FARMSA member
  • Math Orientation leader

Why Waterloo?

When it comes to mathematics, no other university appreciates the true beauty of this field like the University of Waterloo does! It is one of the few schools that has given it its own faculty and that speaks for itself. At the beginning of my third year here, I can say with confidence that UW has lived up to its its distinguished reputation and in fact exceeded my expectations.

Advice for first-year students

The biggest piece of advice I can give first year students is to BREATHE! University may feel very overwhelming and unmanageable at times, so it is important to relax and not be intimidated by the unfamiliarity. By asking for help early on right when you need it, you can avoid a lot of stress. If you don't ask right away, remember that it is never too late and there are lots of people and resources there to help you! Professor office hours are a great thing, so don't be afraid to use them!

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