Alumni profiles

Schien Dong

Schien Dong, BCS '07

Founder, Antradar Software

“The University fundamentally changed my core perspectives and ways of thinking. The seeded changes have had a lasting impact on how I navigate my career choices.”

Marilyn Sandford

Marilyn Sandford, BMath ’87

Partner, Ritchie, Sandford and McGowan Barristers

“A Waterloo math degree is not like any other math degree.  It is an elite institution.”

Mark Noskiewicz, BMath '82

Mark Noskiewicz, BMath '82

Partner, Goodmans LLP

“I loved mathematics and in ’78, Waterloo was the place to go.” 

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson, MMath '88

Founder/President, Adaptive Asset Management Ltd.

“Building a company from the ground floor to an industry-leading firm is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Naghmeh Ghafari

Naghmeh Ghafari, MASc ’03, PhD ’09

Lead, Safety and Risk Analysis

"I am looking at systems and manufacturing techniques and trying to analyze safety to ensure that it is safe to put this device into someone’s heart."

James Hamilton

James Hamilton, MMath '97

VP and Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

“You can’t work in hardware or software anywhere in the world and not respect the University of Waterloo."

Ian MacKinnon

Ian MacKinnon, BMath ’06, MMath ’08

Co-Founder, Latergramme

"Hackathons are the best networking you will ever find to meet new developers."

Nina Thomsen

Nina Thomsen, BMath '83

Independent Consultant

"Computer Science was just blossoming in the late 70s and early 80s.”

Mike Carter

Mike Carter, BMath '71, MMath '74, PhD '80

Professor, University of Toronto

"I enjoy working on practical applications of math."

Bruce Neve

Bruce Neve, BMath '77

President, Canadian Operations, True Media

“My math background has helped me approach problem solving in different ways, in creative ways.”

Randall Howard

Randall Howard

Chairman at VERDEXUS portfolio investments iotum and Maintenance Assistant

2011 winner, BMath 1975 Computer Science

Jeromy Carriere

Jeromy Carriere

Engineer Director, Google Inc. - New York Office

Jeromy Carriere (BMath ’95 Computer Science) is an engineering director with Google leading a number of teams that develop core components of Google's production cluster management infrastructure.

Stephen M. Watt

Stephen M. Watt

Professor at the University of Western Ontario and Lead Director, Descartes Systems Group.

2012 Graham Medal Award Winner

Stephen is a Distinguished University Professor at Western and Lead Director, Descartes Systems Group.  Stephen completed a PhD in 1986 in Computer Science  and a Masters of Math in 1981 in Applied Math at the University of Waterloo. While at Waterloo, Watt was one of the original authors of the Maple computer algebra system.

David P. Yach

David P. Yach

Senior Vice President of Software, Research in Motion

2004 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '83

In his executive roles at Watcom and later Sybase, David made key contributions to the design and development of Watcom C/C++ and Watcom Structured Query Language (SQL) (later known as SQL Anywhere).

Deanne Farrar

Deanne Farrar

Senior Vice President, Industry Solutions, Bycast Inc.

2006 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '88

James Mitchell

James Mitchell

Vice President, Sun Laboratories, Sun Microsystems Inc.

1997 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BSc '66 (Mathematics)

Jim was one of the original developers of the WATFOR compiler while an undergraduate at UWaterloo.

Paul Van Oorschot

Paul Van Oorschot

Vice-President & Chief Scientist, Entrust Technologies Ltd.

2000 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '84, MMath '86

Paul played a leading role in developing Nortel's Cryptographic Centre of Expertise and then in the spin-off company, Entrust Technologies.

William Reeves

William Reeves

Manager, Animation Research & Development, Pixar Animation Studios

1996 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '74

Bill's career has been with Lucasfilms and Pixar developing new imaging models that allow spectacular and intellectual film imaging.

His work on Toy Story was recognized in 1995 with an Oscar for innovation in film making.

Eric Veach

Eric Veach

Distinguished Software Engineer, Google Inc.

2008 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '90, Computer Science

F. David Boswell

F. David Boswell

VP and General Manager, Siebel Institutional Finance

2003 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '78, MMath '80

David held executive management positions with software companies ranging across the spectrum of growth stages, including LivePage Corporation, Sybase Inc., Powersoft Corporation and Watcom.

Garth A. Gibson

Garth A. Gibson

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Panasas Inc.

2005 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '83

Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

While a graduate, Garth did the groundwork research on Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) that represents what is arguably the single biggest breakthrough in data storage in the last quarter century.

Dan Dodge

Dan Dodge

President, QNX Software Systems Ltd.

1998 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BSc '77, MMath '81

Dan co-founded QNX in 1983 to develop real time operating systems for embedded applications.

He led the company to become the leader in "embedded" technology, with applications world-wide, ranging from manufacturing automation and process control to telecommunications, car navigation and medical imaging.

Ian McPhee

Ian McPhee

President, Watcom International Corporation

1995 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath 73, MMath 79

Ian was the founder of Watcom in 1981, becoming president in 1986.

He provided innovative leadership to enable Watcom to achieve international recognition as technology leader in the programming tools and database segment of the personal computer software market.

Kim Davidson

Kim Davidson

President and Chief Operating Officer, Side Efects Software Inc.

1999 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BES 78, MMath 81

Kim co-founded Side Effects Software in 1987. Utilizing the 3D animation system PRISMS, this company became a world leader in advanced 3D graphics, animation and special effects software used by major film producers.

Kim received the 1998 Technical Achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science.

Terry Stepien

Terry Stepien

President, iAnywhere Solutions

2001 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath 81, MMath 88

Terry demonstrated innovative work in language compilers and computer networking with UWaterloo's Computer Systems Group prior to joining Watcom and leading the successful launch of Structured Query Language (SQL) Anywhere software.


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