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Marcelo Cortes sitting with hands folded together smiling

Marcelo Cortes

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of Faire

Calculating the future

How a former Waterloo student is helping local retailers prepare and predict the impacts of COVID-19

With the sweeping arrival of COVID-19, Marcelo Cortes was quick to realize the devastating impact it could have on small, local businesses.

Schien Dong

Schien Dong, BCS '07

Founder, Antradar Software

“The University fundamentally changed my core perspectives and ways of thinking. The seeded changes have had a lasting impact on how I navigate my career choices.”

Marilyn Sandford

Marilyn Sandford, BMath ’87

Partner, Ritchie, Sandford and McGowan Barristers

“A Waterloo math degree is not like any other math degree.  It is an elite institution.”

Mark Noskiewicz, BMath '82

Mark Noskiewicz, BMath '82

Partner, Goodmans LLP

“I loved mathematics and in ’78, Waterloo was the place to go.” 

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson, MMath '88

Founder/President, Adaptive Asset Management Ltd.

“Building a company from the ground floor to an industry-leading firm is an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Naghmeh Ghafari

Naghmeh Ghafari, MASc ’03, PhD ’09

Lead, Safety and Risk Analysis

"I am looking at systems and manufacturing techniques and trying to analyze safety to ensure that it is safe to put this device into someone’s heart."

James Hamilton

James Hamilton, MMath '97

VP and Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services

“You can’t work in hardware or software anywhere in the world and not respect the University of Waterloo."

Ian MacKinnon

Ian MacKinnon, BMath ’06, MMath ’08

Co-Founder, Latergramme

"Hackathons are the best networking you will ever find to meet new developers."

Nina Thomsen

Nina Thomsen, BMath '83

Independent Consultant

"Computer Science was just blossoming in the late 70s and early 80s.”

Mike Carter

Mike Carter, BMath '71, MMath '74, PhD '80

Professor, University of Toronto

"I enjoy working on practical applications of math."

Bruce Neve

Bruce Neve, BMath '77

President, Canadian Operations, True Media

“My math background has helped me approach problem solving in different ways, in creative ways.”

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona in Spain and also Yahoo! Research Latin America at Santiago, Chile

2007 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

PhD '88 Computer Science

Ricardo’s PhD research in the late eighties was a key component in the New OED project which formed the basis of the world's first full fledged web search engine, as deployed by a then small UWaterloo spinoff company in 1995.

Abdel El-Shaarawi

Abdel El-Shaarawi

Research Scientist, National Water Research Institute at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters

PhD 1973 Statistics

A notable alumnus of the University of Waterloo is Dr. Abdel El-Shaarawi. After completing his PhD in Statistics in 1973, Dr. El-Shaarawi went to work as a research scientist at the National Water Research Institute at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington.

Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik

Software Engineer Manager at Google Inc.

2012 Young Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer and developer advocate on the "Make The Web Fast" team at Google, where he spends his days and nights on making the web fast and driving adoption of performance best practices.

Jane E. Kinney

Jane E. Kinney

Corporate Director, Cenovus Energy & Intact Financial at Deloitte & Touche

2013 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Vicki Greenwood

Vicki Greenwood, BMath '85

Portfolio Director at TD Bank Group

During Y2K, “I celebrated New Year’s early with my family and then, went in to the office.”

Eric Veach

Eric Veach

Distinguished Software Engineer, Google Inc.

2008 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '90, Computer Science

Steven Woods

Steven Woods

Site Director, Google Inc.

2010 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

PhD '96

Jennifer Chu-Carroll

Jennifer Chu-Carroll

Manager, Knowledge Structures Group, IBM Watson Research Lab

2013 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Charles Lee

Charles Lee

Professor, Stanford University

Charles M.C. Lee is the Joseph McDonald Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), Stanford University. He is also a senior academic fellow of the Asian Bureau of Financial and Economic Research (ABFER), and co-founder of Nipun Capital, LLC, a San Francisco-based asset management firm focused on Asian equities.

Geeta Tucker

Geeta Tucker

Chief Financial Officer at Agriteam Canada

2012 Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Bruce Ballantyne

Bruce Ballantyne, BMath '79

VP, Finance & Administration, CR Plastic Products Inc.
“When I joined the company, there were 60 employees… We're now Stratford's largest private employer with more than 250.”

F. David Boswell

F. David Boswell

VP and General Manager, Siebel Institutional Finance

2003 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '78, MMath '80

David held executive management positions with software companies ranging across the spectrum of growth stages, including LivePage Corporation, Sybase Inc., Powersoft Corporation and Watcom.

Zack Urlocker

Zack Urlocker

Chief Operating Officer, Zendesk

2011 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

MMath ’86, Computer Science

Michael Jutan

Michael Jutan

R&D Engineer at Industrial Light & Magic

2012 Young Alumni Achievement Award Winner

Mike decided very early on in life that he wanted to study computer science at the University of Waterloo. Attracted to the honours Computer Science co-op program because of its connection to industry, Mike knew Waterloo could help him fulfil his dream of working in digital animation.


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