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Peter Savich

Co-founder, Nutch

2002 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

BMath '85, MMath '87

Peter was an outstanding varsity and semi-professional basketball player who pursued law and business, providing valuable intellectual property counsel to emerging tech companies.

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Director of Yahoo! Research Barcelona in Spain and also Yahoo! Research Latin America at Santiago, Chile

2007 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

PhD '88 Computer Science

Ricardo’s PhD research in the late eighties was a key component in the New OED project which formed the basis of the world's first full fledged web search engine, as deployed by a then small UWaterloo spinoff company in 1995.

Steven Woods

Steven Woods

Site Director, Google Inc.

2010 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

PhD '96

Zack Urlocker

Zack Urlocker

Chief Operating Officer, Zendesk

2011 recipient of the J.W. Graham Medal

MMath ’86, Computer Science

Jay Steele

Jay Steele

Former Senior Director, Blackberry - Halifax Office

BMath '95

Vicki Greenwood

Vicki Greenwood, BMath '85

Portfolio Director at TD Bank Group

During Y2K, “I celebrated New Year’s early with my family and then, went in to the office.”

Bruce Ballantyne

Bruce Ballantyne, BMath '79

VP, Finance & Administration, CR Plastic Products Inc.
“When I joined the company, there were 60 employees… We're now Stratford's largest private employer with more than 250.”

Loraine Marrett

Loraine Marrett, BMath '69

Senior Scientist, Cancer Care Ontario (Semi-retired)

“I feel passionate about my UW experience. It ultimately led to a wonderful overseas experience and a very fulfilling career in cancer epidemiology.” 


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