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Senior Math Faculty Ambassador

3A Honours Mathematics, Co-op

Past co-op position:
Statistical methods analyst, BlackBerry, Waterloo

Toronto, ON


  • Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • orientation leader
  • special events residence ambassador
  • UWaterloo Serve (Volleyball)

Why Waterloo?

When I decided that I wanted to do my undergraduate in mathematics, University of Waterloo became my top choice. Mathematics has its own faculty here, which means that math students get the attention and course they need, instead of being grouped with many other majors like at other universities. There is enough staff to have departments for each of the separate specializations! Also, UWaterloo provides an outstanding cooperative education program, which I knew was what I needed to help me succeed.

Advice for first-year students

Starting university is going to be scary and exhilarating. It can all be very overwhelming so here would be my top pieces of advice:

  1. Make new friends, especially in the classes you're taking.
  2. Join a reasonable amount of extracurricular activities. Choose a few that you truly want to commit to.
  3. Don't fall too behind. Playing catch-up is stressful and sometimes not possible.
  4. Make (reasonable) time to have fun. You'll burn yourself out if you just work all the time.
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