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Melissa Lee


Mathematics – Information Technology Management, Co-op (3B)

Fall 2015 - Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (CUHK)

Hello! Or to be more appropriate 你好! My name is Melissa Lee and I decided to travel across the world to study in Hong Kong at the Chinese University of Hong Kong during my 3B term.

If I can associate one word to my experience, it would be: Memories. From living in Hong Kong for 4 months, I have learned so much, on an academic and personal view. I remember my first impression when I stepped out of University station, I was astonished and mesmerized by the campus… it was on a hill … with nature everywhere … even a pond … it was dead gorgeous.

University Life: On the term, I only took 3 courses: Business Policy, Marketing and Databases. Marketing class was the most memorable because we had to make funny videos, skits and just be as creative as possible. Databases would be the most stressful course I have taken in University due to the fact that Java was a prerequisite for CUHK students but I have never touched that programming language in my life. I pulled my all-nighters in the library “learning gardens” with my friends and other students. It was normal for students to sleep there.
Group phote at Avenue of Stars Hong KongGroup photo at Avenue of Stars - Hong Kong

Student Housing: I lived in the ‘iHouse’ which stands for International House where 1/3 is International students, 1/3 Mainland and 1/3 local students. By diversifying the students, you will most likely be living with a local or Mainland so that you get more exposure to the Asian culture.

Adventures: Finally, you can’t go on exchange abroad without exploring your surroundings. I bargained at numerous night markets, fell in love with cheap street foods, tried new foods (snake sperm, had noodles in a bag, cheese tarts),

went hiking,

got an eyebrow tattoo, 
(Bubble tea in Asia. The tapioca was unique. It was made out of only brown sugar)

hiking on the island bubble tea


had cheap spa dates,

taught English to high school students,

(Teaching English in ZengCheng)

teaching English in ZengCheng
Junk Boat birthday party

joined the CUHK dance club, sang karaoke until 6am and caught the first MTR (subway) back to campus.  Fed deer, had unlimited beer at Mr. Wong’s Chinese Restaurant, betted on horse racing, visited the famous LKF Hong Kong Night life, visited the big Buddha, attended a junk boat party,

(Junk Boat Birthday Party)

tea and french toast
and who can forget....indulged in a traditional Hong Kong milk tea

In addition, I have travelled to other countries nearby including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Shenzhen. Many of my friends have also visited Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Beijing and Shanghai. 

group on boat parasailing in Hong Kong
In all honesty, the experience you gain from living on your own in a new country is a unique experience that any student should go if they get the chance to. It might seem like a lot of preliminary paperwork and effort matching courses and getting approval signatures, but it will be all worth it in the end. Never regret.

Somskype time with my friendsething I love is that my close friends and I still skype time from time to just simply catch up on life.

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