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When problems or questions requiring deep mathematical and computing knowledge arise, they cannot always be solved within your organization. University of Waterloo Mathematics researchers work in partnership with commercial companies, industry research groups and government bodies to find answers. We analyze data, design systems, optimize resources, model processes and facilitate communication methods.

We have an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and practice. Our people are experts in the languages of math and computing. From car air bags to medical imagery, our research teams work on applied and theoretical problems, impacting a wide variety of industries and products that people use every day. The prospect of a new or difficult problem is what stimulates our imagination. We’re driven to find answers - the answers you need to drive innovation.

Partnering with us is win-win. Bring us a challenge and we’ll work with your team to understand what’s important, and together we will find the answers you need.

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To inquire about creating an industry research partnership, please contact Aaron Pereira or Michele Van Dyke.

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