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Murray Martin Prize for Best Research Paper by a Mathematics Faculty Graduate Student

This prize is made possible by a generous donation from Pitney Bowes Inc., to honour Murray Martin, the retiring chair, president, CEO and director whose continuous investment in research and development has ensured its industry leadership. This new award will provide $5,000 to one Mathematics faculty graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in research through a paper which prior to January 31 has either been:

  1. published in a journal or conference proceedings, or
  2. accepted to a journal or conference, or
  3. passed the first round of the normal refereeing process of a journal.

The nominee must have been registered as a graduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics for at least one semester during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) prior to the nomination.

Students are nominated by their research supervisors.

Deadline for submission of nomination packages each year is January 31.

Each department/school may submit at most one nominee by this date to the Mathematics Graduate Office (so departmental deadlines for nominations will be set earlier). Nominee is selected by the Mathematics Faculty Research Advisory Committee in February. Departments/school should forward the package of their one nominee to

The first awardee was selected in February 2014. Congratulations to Omar Léon Sánchez, winner of the inaugural Murray Martin Prize.

Nomination packages include:

  1. cover letter summarizing the contribution of the paper, its originality, importance and potential impact (limited to 2 pages);
  2. the research paper under consideration;
  3. documentation that the student is eligible; and
  4. in case of joint authorship, certification of the nominee's pivotal role in the research.

This much-coveted honour will reward outstanding research and to serve as a reminder of the importance of strong communication skills.

Presenting their ideas well in writing ensures that our students will successfully enrich their research communities and will be well positioned for promising careers in industry or academia.

Awarding this prize each year will serve as an important inspiration for all graduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics.