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Research information for faculty

For faculty members in the Faculty of Mathematics, the Associate Dean Research:

  • assists with Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grant Program applications from applicants each Fall term.
  • facilitates communication to and from the vice president, university research at University of Waterloo.
  • provides information and assistance for various grant applications.
  • facilitates communication regarding research within the Faculty of Mathematics.
  • serves on the Dean's Advisory Committee, Mathematics Faculty Council.
  • chairs the Mathematics Faculty Research Advisory Committee.

Resources for researchers in the Faculty of Mathematics 

The NSERC website provides general information of value to faculty members.

Various partnerships opportunities are showcased on the NSERC website.

The Office of Research facilitates the process of applying for research grants at the University of Waterloo.

A Sharepoint website for Faculty of Mathematics researchers is available. Currently, information sheets on specific grants have been uploaded to that website.

Additional information for faculty will be added to the Sharepoint at a later date.

Additional questions may be directed to the Associate Dean Research.