Verification of Illness

The Faculty of Mathematics has joined the Faculty of Science's practice of collecting Verification of Illness Forms (VIFs) in one common database.

The following steps must be taken to submit a VIF:

  1. You must bring the following two documents directly to the Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO), MC 4022.
    • A signed "VIF form" (PDF). The signed (original) form will be date stamped in the MUO and you will be given a soft copy of the form emailed to your Waterloo email account.
    • A signed “Consequences of submitting a VIF ” (PDF) with a list of all the missed assessments during the period of the VIF.
  2. You are responsible for speaking with each of your instructors for which you have missed assessments.
  3. Each of your instructor(s) in the Faculties of Mathematics and Science will be notified of your VIF.