Michael Benoit, MASc Student in Mechanical Engineering


Portrait of Michael Benoit

Michael Benoit received his BASc in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2014, and is currently enrolled as a MASc student in the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering department under the supervision of Professor Mary Wells. His current research focusses on the impact that warm forming processes have on the brazeability and corrosion performance of clad aluminum sheets used to fabricate electric vehicle battery cooling plates.

Michael was elected as co-President (along with Michael Booth) of MMEGA on Nov. 16, 2015, and is also currently helping oversee the responsibilities of the VP-Social. In the role of president, Michael is responsible for scheduling and organizing MMEGA meetings as well as overseeing the activities of the other MMEGA executives. The duties of the VP-Social position include organizing social events and intramural sports teams for MME graduate students, as well as overseeing the group’s finances.

The VP-Social position is still open

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the current executive team about filling this position.

Please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail if you have any questions!

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