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For a complete listing of awards for current undergraduate students, please see Chapter 4 of the Undergraduate Calendar and the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

In many cases, extra-curricular activities in addition to marks are used to select award winners. If you wish to be considered for or apply for one of these awards and would like to help the department support your application for an award, please give your undergraduate student advisor a copy of your most up-to-date resume. You should make sure that you include in your resume all noteworthy extra-curricular activities and awards that you have received.

Northern Alberta Design Challenge Awards

Each year, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Northern Alberta Design Challenge Awards are given to the top 2 MTE 481 design projects in each class. First prize is $500 and second prize is $250.

Welding and Joining Specialization Scholarships

The Canadian welding & joining community sponsor two scholarships in support of the Welding & Joining Specialization:

  1. Canadian Welding Association: $5,000 for a Mechanical Engineering student in the Welding & Joining Specialization with a grade point average after 3B of at least 75%  and a demonstrated intent to pursue a career in the welding and fabricating industry (see the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office web pages for applications.) Applications are due before Oct 1st each year.