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Incident and Investigation Form, Incident Management Program, and other information can be found in the safety office.

In the event of an incident:in case of injury at work; if you have questions, call 1-800-465-5606

  1. Get first aid immediately, if needed. 
  2. Worker: tell your employer about the injury; Employer: arrange and pay for transportation to get medical care, if needed
  3. Employer: pay worker's wages for day of injury
  4. Employer: report injury to WSIB within 3 days if it involves: health care treatment, or time away from work, or lost wages 

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Important Safety Contacts

  • Ambulance 911
  • Fire alarms pull station for fire department
  • UW Health Services ext. 33544
  • UW Police ext. 22222
  • Plant Operations ext. 33793
  • Poison Control Centre