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Training Resources

Page Contents:

  1. Training resources for undergraduate students

  2. Training resources for graduate students, faculty, and staff

  3. Training resources for supervisors

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1. Mandatory training for undergraduate students

The MME Safety Training module is provided within the ME and MTE seminars. Students are pre-enrolled in these seminars at the start of an academic term. All MME undergraduate students in first year are provided safety training as part of their first year courses.

  • All undergraduate students requiring Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) must take the WHMIS 2015 course.
  • All undergraduate students in MME must take the MME Undergrad Safety course through Waterloo LEARN.
  • Students volunteering or working with student teams may also be asked to complete the Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps course.
  • Students may also be required to complete additional courses, which are found in the hazard-specific training section.

Students can self-register for these courses through Waterloo LEARN.

2. Mandatory training for graduate students, faculty, and staff

Graduate students, faculty, and staff, are considered employees and must take safety courses to ensure proper training. There are five mandatory safety courses:

  1. Employee Safety Orientation
  2. WHMIS 2015
  3. Workplace Violence Awareness
  4. Accessibility training
  5. Graduate Safety Workshop: All research students who are going to work in labs must complete the Graduate Safety Workshop within their first two terms. The delivery of this workshop is currently online through Waterloo Learn. Please contact the MME Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Administrator to receive access to the course.

Additional training courses can be found in the hazard-specific training section.

Employees can self-register for these courses through Waterloo LEARN.

3. Mandatory training for supervisors

In addition to mandatory employee training, all supervisors and managers are required to complete:

Supervisors working in higher risk areas (laboratories, technical and maintenance shops, areas where hazardous materials are used, commercial kitchens or custodial) must also complete the following training:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Incident Investigation
  3. Inspecting the Workplace

Supervisors working in higher risk areas are strongly encouraged to complete the following training:


To find the training records of your employees, please contact Doug Dye to gain access to it.

Supervisors should ensure that the employees have taken required safety training courses as outlined by the MME Safety Protocols (PDF), which also provides specific information regarding mandatory safety training for all students, faculty, and staff. Please note that this document is currently being updated and will be reuploaded with the correct information shortly.

Safety Office

The Safety Office provides detailed information on Safety training programs as well as the laser safety training course (SO1066).