Design Engineer

Jim Baleshta is a Design Engineer and has experience with a wide variety of design projects. He is experienced in CAD: 2D and solids modelling, NC machining, and graphics design. Jim’s interests and specializations are in the design of research apparatus, medical equipment development, consumer product design including outdoor and recreational equipment, industrial design, graphics and fine art.


  • Engineering design of research equipment
  • CAD - computer aided design consultation
  • CAM - computer aided manufacturing resource
  • Student design project resource
  • Engineering Graphics & CAD instruction

Course Support

  • ME 100 - Mechanical Engineering Communication and Professionalism
  • MTE100 - Mechatronics Engineering (Graphics)
  • ME 481 - Mechanical Engineering Design Project
  • ME 482 - Mechanical Engineering Project
  • ME 548 - Numerically Controlled Machine Tools


  • BASc MASc ( Waterloo ) P.Eng.
University of Waterloo