Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: 519-888-4567 x33415
Location: E6 1110


  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemical and Materials Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, 2003
  • Master of Science (Engineering), Queen’s University Kingston, 1988
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Fuels and Materials Engineering, Military College of Canada, 1986
  • Certificate in Environmental Assessment, Lakehead University, 1995

Research Interests

  • Electro-chemical Power Sources in Vehicles (Battery and Fuel Cell Power Trains)
  • Life Cycle Analysis of Batteries in Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Power Train Design


  • ChE 331 – Electrochemical Engineering
  • ChE 571 – Industrial Ecology
  • ChE 500 – Energy Production

Selected/Recent Publications

  • Liu H, Almansoori A, Fowler M, Elkamel A. Analysis of Ontario’s hydrogen economy demands from hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Int J Hydrogen Energy 2012: 37 (11) pp. 8905-8916.
  • Wilhelm E, Fowler M.W., Fraser, R.A., Stevens, M, In-the-loop validation of fuel cell vehicle control, International Journal of PowerTrains, Volume1, Number 2/2011, Oct 2011, pp 162-178.
  • Koch AK, Fowler MW, Fraser RA. Implementation of a fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and factors affecting transportation policy. Int J Energy Res 2011;35(15):1371-88.
  • Hua C, Haliburton C, Wilhelm EJ, Mendez CJ, Stevens MB, Fowler M, Fraser RA. University of waterloo’s hydrogen fuel cell choice meets the reality of canada’s winter by using model-based design. SAE International Journal of Engines 2009;1(1):346-51.
  • Wilhelm E, Stevens M, Mendes C, Wahlstrom M, Sellan D, Haliburton C, Fowler M, Fraser R, Optimization of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Powertrain, SAE Transcripts February 2007, 7PFL-748.
  • Stevens MB, Mendes C, Fowler M, Fraser RA, Fuel Cell Hybrid Control Strategy Development, International Journal Of Automotive Technology (2006), Volume: SP-2006, Issue: 2, Pages: 821-838.
University of Waterloo