Solid Bodies Mechanics and Mechanical Design

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Solid Bodies Mechanics and Mechanical Design

This research group focuses on developing techniques for the design, analysis and simulation of machines, mobile structures and pressure vessels. The group is active in the areas of pressure vessels for both low and high pressures, plastic gearing, nuclear components and piping, mechanisms and mechanics, dynamic machinery, and design using computer graphics. Fundamental work is carried out in plasticity theory and its application to bifurcation problems in manufacturing.

The group is also involved in basic research in kinematics, dynamics and control of flexible robot arms, and in Tribology - the study of friction, lubrication and wear. Extensive laboratory simulations, testing and non-destructive inspection are used to study failure modes and design improvements. These studies are supported by the development of analysis techniques in computer aided design, simulation techniques, finite element methods, failure analysis, plasticity, and continuum mechanics.

Specific areas of Research include:

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Retired p​rofessors

Andrews, G.C.

Dubey, R.N.

Glinka, G.

Medley, J.B.