Christian Education pictorial materials

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Title: Collection of Christian education pictorial materials

Scope and content: Items in this Mennonite Archives of Ontario collection consist of pictorial materials developed and distributed for Christian education purposes. Items in this collection are from non-Mennonite sources but have been used in Mennonite congregations. Items by Mennonite publishers are catalogued in the library collections.

1. Sunday School Superintendent and Bible Lesson Pictures / Committee on Improved Uniform Lessons of the International Council of Religious Education. - Providence, R.I. : Harris, Jones and Company. - Printed by Providence Lithograph Co. - 71 x 46 cm. - Donated to the Archives, probably by an Ontario Mennonite church. - These materials were meant to accompany lesson outlines produced by the Committee on Improved Uniform Lessons.

Archives has: v.56n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1938); v.58n.2 (Second Quarter, 1940); v.58n.3 (Third Quarter, 1940); v.58n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1940); v.59n.1 (First Quarter, 1941); v.59n.3 (Third Quarter, 1941); v.60n.1 (First Quarter, 1942); v.60 n.3 (Third Quarter, 1942); v.60 n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1942), v.61n.1 (First Quarter, 1943); v.61n.2 (Second Quarter 1943); v.61n.3 (Third Quarter, 1943); v.61n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1943), v.62n.1 (First Quarter, 1944), v.63n.3 (Third Quarter, 1945), v.63n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1945)

2. Colored Lesson Picture Roll / Marguerite Cook, Ed. - Elgin, Ill. : David C. Cook Publishing Company. - Donated to the Archives, probably by an Ontario Mennonite church. - Presumed to supplement lesson plans published by David C. Cook.

Archives has: v.39n.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1933)( 84 x 61 cm); v.41n.1 (First Quarter, 1935) (79 x 54 cm)



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