Visiting PhD Student

Junbo Wang

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Research interests

GIS and spatial analysis in ocean and coastal management

Ocean and coastal ecosystems are the base of human survival, development and prosperity. But the increased demand from human for ocean and coastal ecosystem services is diminishing its ability to provide these services. In order to coordinate the needs of human and nature, protecting marine environment and ecosystem, improving the efficiency of marine resources and space utilization, and so to promote the sustainable development in marine and coastal areas, the academic and management community proposed to develop and implement the ecosystem-based marine space planning(MSP). A primary goal of MSP is to support current and future uses of ocean ecosystem and maintain the availability of valuable ecosystem services for future generations. Therefore, how to obtain data and spatial analyzing on ocean natural resources in marine spatial planning, especially estimated the value of these resources is playing an important role during studying on ocean coastal management. 

Accordingly, the marine management approach based on the method of GIS and spatial analysis can provide scientific evidence for the management of ocean natural resources, especially provide optimal solution for the cost of marine management by evaluating the value of ocean resources.

My current research mainly focuses on marine policy and management, ecosystem services, environmental economy and marine spatial planning based on GIS to promote the development of ocean spatial management approach to visualization, intelligence and integration.


• PhD candidate, College of the Environment and Ecology, Xiamen University, 2016 - present

• MSc, Marine Geology, Third Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration,Xiamen, 2015

• BSc, Geographical Science, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Changsha, 2012

University of Waterloo

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