An easier way to grade multiple choice exams

What is Akindi?

Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the creation and grading of multiple-choice exams. As an instructor, you can grade these exams using any sheet of paper and any scanner, putting you in control of the process.

Akindi is the new central tool for campus and will replace the existing Scantron exam processing service. Where you once used Scantron for multiple choice assessments, you can now use Akindi!

How it works

create and print

After you've created and named a new test or exam, you're ready to download Akindi's Bubble Sheet template. Customize the template to suit your needs and print as many copies as you need for your students (plus one for your answer sheet!).


Fill out the correct answers on your answer sheet (online or printed version) entering '0000' as the student ID to indicate it's the answer key. Now batch scan completed answer sheets into one file. 


Once the sheets have been scanned into a single PDF file, you can upload or email the file. That's it. 

Now just wait for the results and analytics to appear. 


A better experience



Grade exams when you need to, from any scanner or copier.


Save time

No more scanning appointments and no commuting across campus to scan answer sheets. 


Excellent support

Expert advice and answers directly from the Akindi Team.


LEARN integration

Securely share class rosters and grades between applications.


Actionable data

View results and identify gaps in understanding.


Immediate feedback

Provide students with corrected sheets to show them where they can improve.


Get started!

Training resources

  1. Getting Started with LEARN (Brightspace) Guide (Akindi web page)
  2. Akindi-Brightspace pre-recorded webinar
  3. Sign-up for individual training sessions with Christa from Akindi via

 If you still have questions afterwards, please contact the IST Service Desk.

Accessing Akindi

  1. Ensure your course has been created in LEARN
  2. Integrate Akindi with your course on LEARN
  3. Launch Akindi!

Launch Akindi now


Akindi training sessions


 Akindi 101: Learn how to create and edit tests in Akindi, print and scan test sheets, and send grades directly to your LEARN gradebook. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2020, from 1:00-1:45 p.m.


How to attend


female person

No in-person sessions scheduled at this time



Join the Zoom meeting and learn from your home or office

(link will not be active until closer to the date/time)

New features

Set time limits for online assessments

When creating your online assessment, set a time limit for the assessment. The students will have to complete the assessment within the allotted time.

set time limits for online assessments

Customize online assessments for select students

To accommodate students that require different assessment time limits or deadlines, customize assessments for select students. From the 'Class Roster' tab, select the desired student(s), click the 'Actions' dropdown and select 'Email Students Online Assessment'.

You can customize the time limit, the activation date, and deadline for those student(s).

customize online assessments for select students gif

Akindi Online

Instructors now have the option to email an Akindi bubble sheet to their class roster, no printing or scanning required! Each student receives a unique, secure email link that they'll use to access and complete the Akindi bubble sheet. 

Instructors are required to post or email the assessment questions to students separately.

Note: A future enhancement will allow instructors to also upload and share assessment questions via email.

akindi email option


Alpha-sorting corrected test sheets

When instructors click "Download Corrected Test Sheets", Akindi will now provide the options to:

  • Download a single PDF containing all the test sheets or a separate PDF for each test sheet
  • Show or hide the correct answers
  • Sort by Student ID, first name, or last name

download and sort corrected sheets


Student Report feature

A 'Report' column has been added to the 'Responses' tab when viewing the results, which will allow instructors to pull up an individualized student report that features their grade and corrected test sheet. 

report column

student report page


W Store printing and scanning services

While Akindi allows users to print and scan their assessment bubble sheets from any printer or scanner, instructors may prefer to use the printing and scanning services provided by W Print.

Visit the W Print web page and select the Print Services for Faculty & Staff tab for more information,

W Print



  • A Unit4 account number and delivery address must be emailed to or added to the Additional comments for the Print Shop box (in Akindi) before assessments will be printed. We are working to have these fields added to the print shop submission page. 
  • If W Print did not print your assessments, but you would like them to scan the completed assessments, please ensure you are able to provide a Unit4 account number. Invoicing must be arranged before assessments will be scanned. 
  • Please submit requests 3-4 days in advance, when possible.

We want to hear from you

tell us what you think!

Are you an early adopter of Akindi? Do you have comments, questions or feedback about the new tool?

Use our feedback form to let us know!


Browse the Akindi Help Centre

Questions about how to use Akindi, assessment creation, work flows

contact learn help

Questions about integrating Akindi with LEARN, how assessment information is transferred into LEARN

Contact the IST Service Desk

Questions about physical printing/scanning equipment, additional support


Akindi underwent an Information Risk Assessment and penetration test, and the tool was approved for use by the University Privacy Officer and Director, Information Security Services.