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Alzheimer Awareness Event 2017

Last week MAREP hosted our annual Alzheimer Awareness event at Luther Village on the Park. A representative of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) spoke to the progress being made on the Ontario Dementia Strategy. A panel of people with dementia and a care partner discussed their priorities and suggestions, followed by the presentation of this year’s Partners in Dementia award. The event was live-streamed for the first time ever.

Coordinated Care in Ontario's Health System

What would make it easier for people with dementia, their care partners and care providers to navigate available services and supports?

One of the biggest hurdles for people living in Ontario with dementia, partners and care providers is the ability to easily and successfully navigate available and supports. In order to understand what is needed to make it easier, we need to understand the current status quo.

Dad - Happy 90th birthday!

Some of my most earliest memories is of my Dad and I doing things together. When I was about four years old, my Dad and brothers built a garage. Instead of telling me to stay clear and get out of the way, I had a job – I was the nail straightener. With my hammer I had the responsibility to hammer out any crooked nails so they could be re-used. My Dad grew up in the depression, so we never threw out things. He patiently showed me how to do it, and away I went. To me this was much more fun than playing with dolls!

Congratulations ODAG – It has been quite a year!

The Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG) has enjoyed one heck of a great year. It is only two years ago that we formed in the fall of 2014 with the purpose of influencing policies, practices, and people to ensure that we, people living with dementia, are included in every decision that affects our lives.

I am so very pleased to share with you that ODAG has truly helped in breaking down stigma and educating our politicians, medical and research communities, retirement and long-term care and Canadian citizens. We have done this through:

Poverty and Dementia

I have a heavy heart tonight. I'm restless. I have felt like this for the last few days.

It started when I was doing research on "Adequate standard of living and social protection" for Canadians with disabilities.

The Canadian Senate Listened!

There are few times in the average Canadians' life where the opportunity to influence how our nation thinks and responds about a particular topic occurs.. I am one of the fortunate few to be able to capitalize on such an opportunity.

4th C.M.R Battalion Operation Order No. 17

Grandpa Moran (Sgt. Fred Moran) used to say he had two belly buttons. What was the scar of a shot wound through his stomach, became his “second belly button.”


Recruiting participants for new project

We’re researching how businesses can engage people with dementia meaningfully and respectfully in the design, testing, and commercialization of apps intended for their use. For this research, we’re looking for people living with dementia to use, test, and provide feedback on a digital memory aid currently being developed. Follow the link for more information.