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The Westmount

Here's a little pick-me-up for this gloomy Wednesday.

I just love this video of The Westmount's Katy Perry flash mob. Enjoy!

12 Days of Health and Wellbeing

Volunteering Can Help Make A Difference!

Need to consider the language of dementia

Yesterday, CTV reported on the World Health Organization and Alzheimer's Disease International's report, "Dementia: A Public Health Priority". The article reaffirmed how the number of persons with dementia is rapidly increasing. While this increase may pose significant challenges to our current health care system, and our communities, I question the usage of language that describes dementia as a "ticking time bomb". The 'tragedy' language of dementia needs to be reflected upon, and in most cases, challenged. Persons with dementia, are just that, persons. They are not time bombs.

Volunteer Appreciation Week.

This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week!

In honour of the hardworking volunteers here at MAREP, we will be running 2 feature interviews this week, shining the spotlight on our amazing student volunteer team!

Today, I'd like to introduce Brianne:

Honouring Lives in Long Term Care

A colleague of mine brought this article from Windsor Star to my attention today - it's worth a read!

Join the Fireside Chat!

On June 19th from 12-1pm, we will be leading a fireside chat (i.e. a web-based seminar put on by the Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange) about the Partnerships in Dementia Care (PiDC) Alliance. The PiDC Alliance is a collaborative research network and research initiative focused on improving the dementia care experience for persons with dementia, family members, and staff in long-term care and community-based care.

12 Apps for Caregivers

Are you, like many of us, never far from your smart phone?

This article on Care 2 Make a Difference outlines how you can use technology to your advantage by connecting to one of 12 handy apps for caregivers.

Here are three of my favourites:

Elder 411 (Free): Elder 411 is a widely-applicable app containing general caregiving information and tips on things like communication, financial matters, and safety.

The Importance of Tradition: A Journal Entry

By: Mary Beth Wighton

I love tradition.  I come from and am part of a family of traditions.  Growing up, holidays were always  a time of making the same yummy recipes, putting up the same Christmas tree, visiting the same people, telling the same funny stories, and putting up the same homemade Christmas stockings for Santa to fill.

Who Cares?