Nothing About Us Without Us: Huge Ontario Budget Win

For many people living with dementia, our partners and supporters, the Ontario budget 2017 was a great success for us. When ODAG formed in the Fall of 2014, the original Board Members decided to create a group that would focus on creating a loud single voice of those living in Ontario who are living with dementia; and to do this through applying pressure on the government to create and fund a provincial strategy. I'm so pleased to say that we have won a huge win with allocation of money for this important plan. There are many faces and names who have come before me and have walked with me during this struggle to gain “power
for the people.” I hope this wonderful news reaches them and they can finally say, “At last.” Congratulations to all of us! And now... the next stage – implementation!

Below is ODAG's release to the media:

For immediate release

Ontario Dementia Advisory Group commends the Ontario Government for investing in a dementia strategy

Toronto, ON - April 28, 2017 - The Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG) is thrilled with the Government of Ontario’s commitment of $100 million over three years to launch a province-wide dementia strategy and congratulates Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister Charles Sousa and Minister Eric Hoskins for making dementia a priority.

“Better dementia care is no longer an option - it’s a necessity, which is why a dementia strategy in Ontario is crucial,” says Mary Beth Wighton, Chair of the Ontario Dementia Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group is also pleased with the Government’s $20 million pre-budget investment in resources and supports for care partners, who are most often family members.

"There is still much work ahead of us to make sure the needs of people living with dementia are recognized and met by the provincial health-care system. The government’s commitments are a critical first step to getting us there, so that every person with dementia lives with the highest quality of life,” says Wighton.

The Ontario Dementia Advisory Group was formed in 2014 and comprises of individuals from all walks of life who are living with dementia and who work together to influence policies and practices and ensure their voices are heard.

For more about ODAG, visit the ODAG website.

For media inquiries:

Email Mary Beth Wighton, Chair, Ontario Dementia Advisory Group

If you'd like to learn more about the Ontario Budget 2017, you can read the full budget and the budget speech (of special interest may be the "Supporting Seniors' Health" section).

Also of interest: articles explaining the long term and community care budget, care partner supports, and the Ontario Dementia Strategy.

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