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See below for past issues of Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program's (MAREP's) Innovations: Enhancing Ability in Dementia Care newsletter.

Holiday 2011 newsletter (PDF)

  • Building Relationships through the Arts
  • Considerations for the Holidays
  • Heartfelt Thanks to Our Supporters
  • Bob & Jean Ann Norman - Fueling a Vision

Fall 2011 newsletter (PDF)

  • PiDC Team Pilots Newly Revised "CARE Profile" Tool
  • PiDC Celebrates Launch of First Culture Change Coalition
  • Welcoming Jessica Luh and Zara Rafferty
  • The L.E.A.D.-MAREP Partnership

Spring 2011 newsletter (PDF)

  • "A Changing Melody"; Shining a Light on the World
  • New in March! Two More BUFU Guides
  • A Young Person's "Changing Melody" Experience

Holiday 2010 newsletter (PDF)

  • Living and Celebrating Life Through Leisure
  • "A Changing Melody" Goes International!
  • Alzheimers Disease International Annual Conference
  • Thank You to Our Donors
  • Lindsay Sprague: Changing the Culture in Long-Term Care

Fall 2010 newsletter (PDF)

  • Age Friendly Communities - Launch of the Web-based Tool
  • "A Changing Melody" International Forum - March 2011
  • "A Changing Melody" - Regional Forums
  • Carl & Ann Marie Wilson: True MAREP Partners

Spring 2010 newsletter (PDF)

  • The PiDC Alliance: Bringing Culture Change to Long-Term Care, cont'd
  • Rachel Morrison's Co-op Term at MAREP
  • "A Changing Melody" International Forum - March 2010
  • Jack Henderson: Portrait of a Partner

Holiday 2009 newsletter (PDF)

  • Volunteer Awards Honour Ken Murray
  • Thank You To our Donors
  • Mobilizing Authentic Partnerships
  • A New BUFU Guide

Fall 2009 newsletter (PDF)

  • Age Friendly Communities: Tools for Supporting Older Adults
  • A Changing Melody - One Year Later
  • David Knight: Portrait of a Partner

Summer 2009 newsletter (PDF)

  • Coping Emotionally with Dementia: Grief and Loss
  • Working Together to Enhance Meaningful Activities
  • Re-Connecting and Re-Learning How to Communicate with Persons with Dementia
  • Elaine Smith: Portrait of a Partner

Spring 2009 newsletter (PDF)

  • Living with Hope in the Midst of Change ...
  • Hot off the Press! Two New BUFU Guides
  • Lynn Jackson: Portrait of a Partner

Holiday 2008 newsletter (PDF)

  • A Changing Melody 2008
  • What Can We Do to Help
  • Spirit of Giving Begins at a Young Age for Boaz Van Veen

Fall 2008 newsletter (PDF)

  • Priority Setting Exercise
  • Upcoming Events and Workshops
  • Brenda Hounam: Portrait of a Partner

Summer 2008 newsletter (PDF)

  • A New Toolkit for Age-Friendly and Supportive Communities
  • A Changing Melody: Towards a New Era
  • Jennifer Carson: The Role Of Leisure

Spring 2008 newsletter (PDF)

  • Helping with the Transition to Long-Term Care
  • Hallman Fellowship Provides Unique Opportunity
  • The "By Us For Us" Guides
  • Leah Sadler: Developing Meaningful Learning Opportunities

Holiday 2007 newsletter (PDF)

  • A Changing Melody 2007 - Even Bigger and Better
  • Co-op Experience
  • The Right Thing To Do
  • Thank you, Donors
  • Colleen Whyte: Maintaining a Sense of Community in LTC

Fall 2007 newsletter (PDF)

  • The Meaning and Experience of Eating Out in the Dementia Context
  • Eating Out Strategies: New BUFU Guides
  • Rebecca Genoe: Exploring Lived Experiences

Summer 2007 newsletter (PDF)

  • Making the Transition to a Long-term Care Home
  • A Changing Melody 2007 - Details and Schedule
  • Elaine Wiersma: How Residents "Live the Experience"

Spring 2007 newsletter (PDF)

  • The Role of Caring and Non-Caring Styles in Managing Responsive Behaviours
  • I'm Still Here -- Official Launch
  • Jennifer Gillies: Supporting Citizen's Rights

Holiday 2006 newsletter (PDF)

  • MAREP's Products: Translating Research Into Practice
  • A Changing Melody 2006: Best Forum Yet!
  • Co-op Placement - A Rewarding Experience
  • Donor Recognition

Fall 2006 newsletter (PDF)

  • The Eating Together Study
  • A Changing Melody 2006
  • Denture Care Needs for Individuals with Dementia
  • Tamara Sussman: Committed to the Integration of Policy, Practice and Research

Summer 2006 newsletter (PDF)

  • Oral Health and Dementia: Strategies and Protocols
  • Assessing and Managing Oral Health: What to Consider
  • Upcoming Forum: A Changing Melody 2006
  • Lisa Loiselle: Empowering Individuals ...

Spring 2006 newsletter (PDF)

  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches Curriculum Well Received
  • Managing and Accommodating Responsive Behaviours...
  • Dementia Care Education Series on CD-ROM
  • Frances Morton: Addressing LTC Staff Needs...

Holiday 2005 newsletter (PDF)

  • Another Successful "A Changing Melody" Forum
  • Bill and Sharon Blakeman Reflect on 2005 Forum
  • Bill Blakeman's Alzheimer Journey
  • It's the Season for Giving
  • A Heartfelt "Adieu" to Beverly Brookes

Fall 2005 newsletter (PDF)

  • Examining Food and Mealtimes in the Demential Context
  • I'm Still Here: An update
  • A Changing Melody: November 12, 2005
  • RIA: Enhancing Care for Older Adults
  • Sherry Dupuis: Researching Later-Life Issues

Spring/Summer 2005 newsletter (PDF)

  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches to Dementia Care
  • Why not invest in MAREP
  • I'm Still Here raises $10,000
  • Snoezelen: a great experience
  • A Changing Melody 2005

Winter 2005 newsletter (PDF)

  • A Changing Melody: A Powerful Forum for Persons with Dementia, Partners in Care, and Professionals
  • A Changing Melody: A Student Perspective
  • 80th Birthday Celebration for Ken Murray
  • I'm Still Here
  • Breaking the Silence: Giving Voice to Persons Living with Dementia

Fall 2004 newsletter (PDF)

  • Recognizing and Preventing Elder Abuse in Long-Term Care Settings: Recommendations for Families
  • Nov 6 Conference: "A Changing Melody"
  • Brenda Hounam -- Sharing Experiences
  • Four Categories of Elder Abuse
  • How to Prevent Elder Abuse

Summer 2004 newsletter (PDF)

  • Understanding Staff Perceptions of Responsive Behaviours
  • Nov 6 Conference -- "A Changing Melody"
  • Scott Millar and Lynn Jackson -- Sharing Experiences
  • Investing in MAREP
  • Community Access Report
  • Working in MAREP

Winter 2004 newsletter (PDF)

  • Identifying Responsive Behaviours in Long-Term Care
  • Alzheimer Disease Education on the Web
  • MAREP 2003 - Celebrating the First Decade
  • A Changing Melody -- Conference, Toronto, Nov 2004
  • The New Adams Center at Linhaven -- A Remarkable Facility

Fall 2003 newsletter (PDF)

  • Ethnicity, Older Adults, and Long-Term Care
  • Understatning Responsive Behaviours in Long-Term Care Settings
  • Co-op Education Makes the Grade
  • Safely Home at Last!
  • The Transition to TLC: How Staff Can Help

Summer 2003 newsletter (PDF)

  • Making Meaning: Place and Experiences of Individuals Living with Dementia
  • New Link -- "Keep Informed"
  • Alzheimer Resource Manual
  • Working with MAREP
  • Postponed -- "A Changing Melody"
  • ARE Website Update
  • Recreation in Long-term Care Facilities

Spring 2003 newsletter (PDF)

  • Connecting Knowledge on Alzheimer's Disease
  • Candlelight Supper at Meadow Park
  • Rock Concert for Alzheimer's Disease
  • May 2003 Conference- "Horticulture & Complementary Therapies"
  • Aug 2003 Conference- "A Changing Melody"
  • Adapting and Enhancing Leisure Activities
  • Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease

Winter 2003 newsletter (PDF)

  • "The Changing Role of Caregivers of Relatives with Dementia Living in Long-term Care Facilities"
  • "Fresh Faces at MAREP"
  • "A Changing Melody: Aug 2003 Conference"
  • "Horticultural Therapy"
  • "Innovation in Action: Functional Abilities Program"

Fall 2002 newsletter (PDF)

  • "The Transition from Community Care to Long-Term Care"
  • "Community Involvement: Meanings and Challenges for Individuals Living in Long-term Care Facilities"
  • "New Inititatives"
  • "Lemon Balm: A Good Way to Manage Agitation?"

Summer 2002 newsletter (PDF)

  • "Making Tasks and Daily Activities Meaningful for Residents with Alzheimer's Disease: How can Montessori approaches help?"
  • "The Roles of Adult Sons in Institution-based Elder Care"
  • "Designing Diversity in Dementia Care: Conference Highlights"
  • "Dementia Care Mapping"

Spring 2002 newsletter (PDF)

  • "Understanding Caregivers' Needs in Ontario"
  • "The Role of Leisure in Creating 'Open Environments' in Long-term Care Facilities"
  • "Individuals with Dementia Can Learn New Information"
  • "About MAREP: our staff and our education series"