several small books laid out in a fan

The Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP) is pleased to offer a number of educational tools for sale. Full descriptions, samples and order forms are available below. 


  • Few diseases are as feared as dementia; few are as misunderstood. This video series challenges the ways that persons living with dementia are portrayed by showing the possibilities and gifts that can be found after a diagnosis.

        Cost: $35.00

  • By Us For Us© Guides
    The By Us For Us© Guides are a series of guides created by a group of talented and passionate persons with dementia. The guides are designed to equip persons with dementia with the necessary tools to enhance their well being and manage daily challenges. What makes these guides particularly useful is that they are created By persons with dementia For persons with dementia.

        Cost: $3.50 each

  • A Changing Melody toolkit
    This 177-page document is a resource guide to help plan and implement forums specifically designed by and for persons with early-stage dementia and their family partners in care, similar to the A Changing Melody forum hosted by MAREP and partners. 

        Cost: $80.50 

        Cost: $30.50 each

        Cost: $105.00 

  • Dementia Care Education Series [CD-ROM]
    This education program is designed to make learning more accessible and convenient for those working in dementia care.

        Cost: $69.00 

        Cost: $55.00 

         Cost: $34.50

  • Amanda Waring Films [DVDs] NEW 
    Supporting dignity and person-centred care, these films tackle ageism, transition, personal care, communication, dementia, meaningful living and the importance of relationships. Produced and directed by UK-based Amanada Waring, these films are being offered exclusively through MAREP.

        Cost: $35.00 - $45.00