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Breaking the Silence CD

Breaking the Silence is a video presenting the reali​ties of dementia from the perspectives of those living with it.

The Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program's (MAREP) innovative research and education activities strive to ensure that the voices of those living with dementia and their families are heard. Our new video, Breaking the Silence: Giving Voice to Persons Living with Dementia, highlights the importance of hearing the voices of persons living with Alzheimer Disease and related dementias. It features three persons with early-stage dementia who share their "lived" experiences of dementia by describing their issues, concerns, hopes, coping strategies and experiences since being diagnosed with dementia.

Breaking the Silence progresses through three key themes: a) The Faces of and Realities of Dementia; b) Social-Psychological Aspects of Dementia and the Work of MAREP; and c) Listening to the Voices of Persons Living with Dementia.

The ultimate goal of Breaking the Silence is to make all those living with dementia as well as those working with persons with dementia and their families more aware of, and sensitive to, the issues faced in the dementia context from the perspective of those with dementia. The video highlights what can be gained when we listen to and respect the perceptions of persons living with dementia.

Additionally, we hope that the video will broaden public awareness about the realities of dementia so as to reduce the associated fear and stigma.

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