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Meaningful leisure experiences

Challenges we may experience when participating in valued activities

How we can support each other in enhancing meaningful experiences along the journey

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Brenda's story: the inspiration behind the By Us For Us series

We welcome your input

If you’ve been diagnosed with early-stage memory loss or are a partner in care and would like to comment on this guide or suggest topics for future guides, please contact the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program.

“BY US FOR US” Person with memory loss series – provides tips and strategies for managing daily challenges and enhancing well-being for those living with memory loss.

“BY US FOR US” Partner in care series – includes information about diagnosis, assessment and testing, the role and health of partners in care, supporting quality of life, managing and accommodating responsive behaviours, accessing supports and services, financial and legal issues and long-term care.

“BY US FOR US” Partnership Series – researched and developed in partnership with persons living with dementia and partners in care, and includes topics such as coping with loss and grief, and food and mealtimes.

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