Creating partnerships in dementia care: A Changing Melody toolkit

This 177-page document is a resource guide to help plan and implement forums specifically designed by and for persons with early-stage dementia and their family partners in care, similar to the A Changing Melody (ACM) forum hosted by the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP) and partners.

Ordering ACM Toolkit

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The A Changing Melody toolkit

  • identifies the key principles that should guide the planning of your forum
  • identifies the need for full partnership with persons with dementia and provides practical suggestions for enabling these relationships
  • provides suggestions on how to assemble a planning committee
  • provides examples of forum topics and themes relevant to persons with dementia
  • offers practical logistical advice for planning your forum
  • provides examples of ways to incorporate the arts and other creative showcases to highlight accomplishments and continued abilities of persons with dementia and connect with the emotional side of the dementia journey
  • provides ways to advertise and market your forum
  • identifies a number of potential challenges that planning committees may face and offers practical solutions to address these challenges
  • identifies the personal and potential societal impacts of forums designed specifically for persons with dementia and their partners in care based on a number of years of systematic research
  • provides helpful resources for planning your forum including templates for forum posters, brochures and manuals, and a forum timeline and comprehensive checklist to ensure that your committee remains on-track during the planning process