I'm Still Here video screenshotA French version of the DVD is available. Closed captioning (CC) is available for the English DVD. 

I'm Still Here, a powerful research-based play developed in partnership with researchers Dr. Gail Mitchell and Dr. Christine Jonas-Simpson, and playwright Vrenia Ivonoffski (ACT II STUDIO, Ryerson University), captures important aspects of, and deepens understanding about, the dementia journey from the perspective of persons living with dementia and their family partners in care. This research-based play had its live debut performance in 2004 at the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program's (MAREP) A Changing Melody forum and continues to play to great acclaim.

In January of 2007, MAREP officially launch the DVD version of the play and the accompanying teaching-learning guide, designed to enhance understanding about what it is like to live with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias from the perspectives of those living with dementia.

Using a reflective practice approach, the accompanying teaching-learning guide takes viewers through the major themes and key issues reflected in the play. This versatile educational tool touches people on many levels and encourages personal discovery, reflection, and sharing of perceptions and experiences of life, quality of life, and Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Any person involved with individuals and families who live with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia will benefit from viewing the videotaped version of I'm Still Here and reflecting on the words of persons with dementia and the questions presented in this teaching-learning guide.

Quotes on the play

"Thank you for an excellent performance. As a social worker I can tell you, you didn't miss a thing. You provided a great deal of insight for everyone regardless of whether or not their own families had been affected. You have a great educational tool. Continue to use it and share it wherever you can."

"As a health care professional, I found this play very informative as well as entertaining. Seeing the actors go through the stages of this devastating illness was very moving, and reminded me again that the person may be losing their memories, but their feelings are still very much intact. Thanks again for this very moving performance."

"Bravo! This play touches on every aspect of this devastating disease. I have walked this walk with my mother and still am. Today she didn't know me. The last scene was exactly what I need to hear."

"Seeing and hearing the play today was indeed as though I am listening to both the people living with Alzheimer Disease or related dementias as well as their caregivers. Please continue bringing this message to the public."

"My mother has Alzheimer's so I related so well to almost every aspect you presented- it was the most amazingly powerful play- I thank you."

Chapters Length of chapter (minutes)
Stigma of dementia 3:13
Life after diagnosis 10:29
Coping with change 15:55
The nursing home 18:38
Final thoughts 7:12
Credits 1:39
Total length of movie 56:29

Sample clip from "I'm Still Here"

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