Profile picture of Mary Beth WightonFew diseases are as feared as dementia; few are as misunderstood.

Directed by Chris Wynn ("Forgetful Not Forgotten"), this video series consisting of five episodes challenges the ways that persons living with dementia are portrayed by showing the possibilities and gifts that can be found after a diagnosis.  

Join Mary Beth Wighton, an individual newly diagnosed with dementia, as she sets out to learn how others living with the disease are not only coping, but living well.

In each episode Mary Beth meets others who have taken a positive and proactive approach to dealing with the daily struggles of living with a chronic condition. The wisdom and expertise she collects along the way has the power to transform her journey.

"As someone newly diagnosed with dementia, it was important for me to know that this was not the end. The people I met while filming the series gave me new hope and showed me that I can not only cope, but thrive."
- Mary Beth Wighton

"This is not another video on what the journey actually is but more for raising awareness on how to be the best you can be every day and to offer hope and possibilities to others." - Brenda Hounam, a long standing MAREP partner living with dementia

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