New guide for people living with dementia: Participating in technology research and development

Over the past few years, MAREP has had the pleasure of collaborating with Emmetros Limited, a company dedicated to helping people with cognitive impairments live independently and with dignity, through software product development, research, and volunteer work. Their focus is to meaningfully engage people living with dementia in the design and implementation of their technologies.

MemorySparx, a memory aid app for people living with memory loss, was the product developed by Emmetros, in partnership with MAREP and the Ontario Dementia Advisory Group (ODAG) in the process of creating “Best Practices” for developers looking to engage people living with dementia in technology projects. In addition, the partnership team has created a practical guide to help assist people living with dementia in technology research projects.

Technology can be used to support people living with disability and/or disease in ways that have not been available before. Research that goes into developing these technologies are exciting and offer new avenues that allow people living with dementia to be independent.

The new guide is a source of information for people living with dementia on what to expect and know when participating in technology research. The guide was developed from interviews and observations throughout the research process and development of MemorySparx. Although the specific lens of this guide is for technology, it can be useful for other types of research. Highlighted in the guide is how you can best share feedback, how to get involved, and what to expect in a respectful process.

You can access the practical guide on the MAREP website in PDF and accessible versions.