MADRiD: Policies and Procedures

This project has been reviewed by and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee.

The procedures used in this project are as follows. Please see our Policy and Procedures document for full details [Appendix A]

  1. The potential participant responds to a recruitment advertisement [Appendix H] by calling MAREP's office.
  2. The potential participant can leave a voicemail message for the Coordinator in MAREP's office and the Coordinator will then contact the potential participant to complete the initial screening questionnaire [Appendix B] over the phone [Appendix C - mock phone assessment] (asking general health questions and some questions about their dementia diagnosis). Frequently asked questions [Appendix D] will also be read to potential participants at this time. Form 101 Review Page
  3. Once the potential participant has completed the screening questionnaire over the phone, the Coordinator sends him/her a package that includes a copy of the frequently asked questions [Appendix D], the consent form [Appendix E], and a thank you letter [Appendix F].
  4. Once the consent form is returned to the Coordinator, the data collected from the initial screening questionnaire can be input into MADRiD. The potential participant will then be included on the contact lists that will be distributed to individual researchers who had requested participants from MADRiD.
  5. Participant contact information will only be sent to individual researchers, whose studies have received ethics approval. Participant contact information will be sent out according to the information provided by the researcher in the Request for Participant form [Appendix G]. The Coordinator will also provide these requesting researchers with an Introduction Letter [Appendix I], MADRiD's policies and procedures [Appendix A] as well as a training document that outlines the steps of using MADRiD [Appendix J]. Form 101 Review Page
  6. Once the researcher has potential participant contact information, is it up to that researcher to contact the individual participants to establish testing times and to provide information regarding the research project.