MADRiD: Contained Information

The database contains health history information. This information will be encrypted and stored securely in a confidential database at the University of Waterloo. this information will be kept separate from any contact information as well. The participants right to privacy and security of their confidential information is an utmost priority of MAREP and the researcher using the MADRiD pool. 

Data collected would be kept completely confidential in a secure MADRiD database located on a password protected computer in a locked office of the Lyle Hallman Institute for Health Promotion until such time that the individual chooses to not participate in studies offered through MADRiD. Personal information and medical history will only be accessible by the MADRiD Coordinator while researchers will have access to individual names and contact information.

Paper records - data will be retained indefinitely in a secure location. Electronic data - data will be retained indefinitely in a secure location. All paper and electronic records will be stored indefinitely, or until such a time that the participant states that their data should be removed from the system. At that time, their records will be confidentially destroyed. Location: MAREP (Lyle Hallman Institute)