Honours Music, 2006

AmandaAmanda Kind graduated with an Bachelors of Arts in Honours Music in 2006. She recalls her time at Grebel fondly. Amanda felt a pull towards the school and the region - she admired the diversity of both. Originally, from British Colombia, Amanda transfer to the University of Waterloo, she came for the arts management courses, but stayed in the region for a much different reason. Amanda fell in love with the arts community of Kitchener-Waterloo and the region has fallen in love with her as well. The courses she took have helped her create a solid foundation with which she has gone on to serve the community with projects like KW Glee club. She encourages those pursuing an education in the Arts to be as diverse as possible, because it will increase your employability and enrichen your experience, this is exactly what she is doing with her contribution to the music community.

                Amanda co-founded the KW Glee Club after the show “Glee” grew an immense popularity. Amanda recalls in her youth having been a part of glee clubs, and she felt it would be such an amazing opportunity for the community and thus KW Glee Club was born! Since their first year, the size of the club has increased by three-hundred percent. They started out performing in Waterloo Mennonite Brethren Church, but now they have enough popularity to perform in theatre venues, even doing two sold out shows at the Centre at the Square accompanied by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony. They have also performed on the uWaterloo campus in the Humanities Theatre. The group has even become large enough that they have created three sections: seniors, juniors, and Youth Pop Choir Class.

Amanda has really enjoyed being able to teach students music using pop songs and current music, rather than strictly the classics. She has always held a love for the genre, and Amanda recalls jamming out to Mariah before a classical performance while here at Grebel. She feels that this focus is something that really engages students, because it allows them to follow their own interests and to be able to connect music to their everyday life. Amanda also takes on private students aside from KW Glee, which allows her to focus on the individual. She works to enhance their natural ability and she is able to create a unique connection with the student.

There are plenty of exciting things happening for Amanda, not just for her students. She has been awarded the distinguished alumni award from Conrad Grebel University College, in 2017. This July she will be heading to the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College, where she will be taking a workshop on Vocal Pedagogy, which will allow her to grow even further as an instructor. Don’t worry she will be back in the region before long! KW Glee won’t be forgotten either, Amanda feels that with every year the club grows, improves and its future grows brighter. Amanda loves the wealth of opportunity that children have in the arts, in Waterloo Region, and she is happy to add to that list of opportunities to help children develop artistically.

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