Honours Music and Business with Co-op, 2014

Christopher SnowLiving in Village 1 in his first year, Christopher felt the walk to Grebel in the dead cold night of winter was daunting. Although, it was where he longed to be. Reflecting on that time, he wishes he would have taken that walk and got to the practice rooms more than he did to play his percussion instruments. However, this circumstance, among others, led Christopher to choose to live at Grebel for his second year.

Grebel was a positive place for Christopher, and he cites it as the reason for his own positive outlook on life. Moreover, being able to saunter downstairs for class in your pyjamas was an awesome thing to be able to do. Living at Grebel also had the advantage of introducing Christopher to so many new people from different faculties and allowed him to get involved with so many different activities, such as ensembles, stage band, and Music Society, all of which enrichened his university experience,  allowing him to learn and grow as a person. Christopher reflects on his time in the Music Society as a challenging experience but ultimately a rewarding one. In this role, he had to learn to work well with others and to put aside what he wanted, in order to achieve things that would really benefit the students in the department.  Being in this role allowed him to connect to main campus, and specifically to the Arts Student Union. Christopher feels that this was an important connection to make as it helped build a bridge between the colleges and the university,

“Sometimes when I would tell people I was in Music they would be surprised! They’d go, ‘We have a Music program?’”
Christopher feels that it is so important for current music students to talk about the program and spread the word that it is a great place to be!

When it came close to the end of his university journey Christopher had a tough decision to make; what would he do with the rest of his life?  He had a Music and Business major along with a Computer Science minor and work experiences from Co-op mostly in the Computer Science industry. This opened up doors in the business world, but sadly not having enough credits in the area of Computer Science opened very little doors in this field.  As well, Christopher discovered that he had very little interest in actually pursuing a career in business. Instead, what he loved to do was learn, and this passion lead to him finally deciding on becoming a Teacher. Christopher went on to earn his bachelors in education.

                Currently Christopher is teaching in an elementary school in the Peel district, and he teaches grades 5 through 8 in class, although occasionally subbing in to work with the Kindergarteners. While this job has its ups and its downs - mostly ups - Christopher truly enjoys his work with children.  Especially when he gets to work with the Kindergarteners who are just starting their educational career, and whose minds are ripe for learning.  He brings several of his stories from Grebel with him to the classroom, even telling them of assignments he had to do for his piano studio classes, as he teaches the children the basics of the instrument. It is safe to say that his stories of university assignments probably blow these children’s minds by how tough they must seem. Yet with practice and dedication, some of his students may even find themselves here one day, studying music at the University of Waterloo.