Honours Music, 2013

Corey LinforthCorey Linforth, class of 2013, took the task of choosing a post-secondary school seriously. She researched the program at Grebel and found it was the perfect fit for her. She was able to study without specializing specifically in Opera. When she first enrolled, Corey enrolled as an Arts and Business student, although she would later drop the business side to pursue her passion for music. The atmosphere she remembers is a unique and healthy one, and the community does not result in a feeling of competition between students.

Today Corey is a Music director at a church, making sure Sunday morning worship service runs smoothly. Her day-to-day work is a mix of practicing, and administrative work. Depending on the plans for Sunday, she may spend more time practicing certain instruments, such as piano or organ.  However, her favourite part of her job is not practicing, although she definitely enjoys that too, but being able to rehearse with others. Not only is it enjoyable to work with others, but Corey enjoys the reduced pressure that comes with rehearsing rather than performing. She sees the performance as the end of something, so in a way it is a bit sad, and once a performance is done it is done meaning

“…that perfect version that was in your head didn’t happen.” This opinion comes from plenty of experience with performance.

Corey is involved in both Spiritus Ensemble and Arcady; as well, she has even created a new ensemble called Eviole. Arcady is an emerging artist program and allows young artists to do solo work, something which is rather difficult early on in a singer’s career. Corey has enjoyed having the wonderful opportunities offered by Arcady such as the specific pieces written by the director for young soloists to perform. While Spiritus, led by Grebel’s own Dr. Ken Hull, has allowed Corey to meet more great musicians, plus they  get to sing a lot of Bach which just happens to be her favourite composer! Eviole, Corey’s newest venture, is an ensemble centred around music written specifically for the female voice and draws inspiration from the 16th century trio of celebrated singers known as the Concerto delle donne.

When looking back on her time at Grebel, Corey has a few things she wished she had done differently. From taking specific courses, such as more language courses, which is specifically related to her singing, to taking a gerontology course, which she says would be very useful for anyone interested in working within the church! However, what she wishes she could go back and tell her first year self was to not stress about the mistakes and to use them as opportunities to grow. Corey had always known she wanted to be a musician, she had her doubts at times, ultimately she is doing what she set out to do.

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