Honours Music, 2012

NadiaNadia Mazzarollo, class of 2012, has had a passion for singing and playing piano her whole life; it wasn’t until later when she had young children that she decided to follower her passion. Inspired by Eleanor James, partner of Canadian Composer Murray Schafer, Nadia decided to take the next step in music career by enrolling into the music program here at the University of Waterloo.

Nadia recalls the unique atmosphere of the school.  She describes the department as a family, who are there to support one another, and the lines of communication are very open. When she left the music program, she didn’t leave drained or overworked, but invigorated and inspired to do more with her degree. Inspired by the words of Murray Schafer, Nadia feels that at Grebel your art and your life intertwine and become one and you leave not only a stronger musician but a stronger person as well. This is something Nadia feels is unique to the Grebel music program, and something she has seen other graduates of the program experience. Nadia has even used her educational experience and the characteristics of the program to help her build her own amazing education programs, such as MPress Music located in downtown Kitchener.

                Since leaving, Grebel Nadia has been involved in plenty of exciting ventures, such as being earning a Masters Degree in music from Western University and teaching music at Metalworks studio. As well Nadia has been on The Shot and started building her own business, MPress Music. In her experience on The Shot Nadia was amazed at the sheer amount of talent that is out there. Nadia recalls how the contestants were so open, and how much she enjoyed mentoring them. Nadia recalls how inspired she was by them and truly moved by their authenticity. By her standards, they all have won a prize, as she puts it,  

The prize is touching one person, and sometimes we forget that…

In her newly opened studio MPress studio, Nadia has used principles inspired by the lasting impression Grebel had on her. The foundation of MPress is communication, collaboration, and community. The programs at MPress are geared towards adults, as Nadia feels there is such a yearning in the adult community to express themselves musically, yet they often don’t know where to go or how to do so. It is a space where Singers are encouraged to be their authentic selves, and to work with one another and those in the Kitchener-Waterloo music community. Nadia has even brought in outside instructors to give her students more experiences to collaborate and learn, such as an acting coach to aid in performance.  The community bonds together over Jam nights and Nadia encourages strong bonds within the MPress community, or more aptly put the MPress family.

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