Chapel Choir Participant Form - Fall 2021

Thank-you for participating in the Chapel Choir audition process.  Please fill out this form before your audition. You will receive an email confirming your submission.  If you have any difficulties with this form please contact Angelica Allen in the Music Office.


Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Note: Registering for an ensemble on Quest does NOT mean the director knows you are intending to participate in a given term.  You must audition (or if no audition is required, then you must notify the director directly).If you do not pass the audition or are not asked back in the ensemble, YOU must drop the course on Quest yourself (if you registered in the first place) as this is not automatically done for you.
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Non-registered participants
If you have not registered for a course, please tell us why you have been unable to do so
I am on Co-op and would have to pay tuition for an ensemble
I have a full study load and my Advisor/Quest won’t let me override the maximum
I have already taken the maximum 8 ensembles for credit (416 & 417 have been added)
I am a grad student, alumni, faculty, staff, or community member
NOTICE OF PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: I, the undersigned, understand that Conrad Grebel University College, its officers and employees, may use my image, voice and/or likeness for publicity purposes. Photos/video will not be sold or used by another organization. Please sign below
Please note our ensemble attendance policy: The nature of a musical ensemble requires attendance. This applies to all members, credit or non-credit. If you need to miss a rehearsal (severe illness, exam, or family emergency), the director must be notified in advance. If you have more than two absences that are not excused by the director, you will not be eligible for a credit. Finally, music preparation is crucial. Practice outside of your rehearsal time will be required. please sign below to indicate you have read the policy.